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Tractor Hydraulic Fluid – Chevron 1000 THF

Chevron 1000 THF meets the needs of modern tractors for a multi-functional hydraulic fluid. It is designed for many uses, such as lubrication of the transmission and final drive, and serves as a hydraulic fluid to operate power steering units, brakes, implements, and attachments.

Tractor Hydraulic FluidBulk Per Gallon55 Gallon Drum5 Gallon Pail
1000 Fluid THF

*Pricing Subject to Change*



Chevron 1000 THF multi-functional hydraulic fluid delivers value through:

  • Low operating costs
    — Chevron 1000 THF meets or exceeds fluid performance requirements of most OEM’s, maintaining efficiency and reliability while minimizing overall operating costs.
  • Long equipment life
    — Special additives protect metal surfaces against scuffing and wear even under severe operating conditions leading to maximum equipment life.
  • Low inventory cost
    — One fluid does the job of a full range of tractor hydraulic systems. Can replace multiple products and free up shelf space.
  • Minimizing weather and storage concerns
    — Protects against rust and corrosion of highly finished precision parts when operating in humid conditions and during seasonal shutdown periods.
  • Minimal downtime
    — Good compatibility with seals, O-rings, and packing materials maintains their good condition and keeps leakage at a minimum.
  • Smooth operation
    — Formulated to suppress brake “chatter” and transmission “slip” for quiet and efficient action of brakes and transmission.
  • Reliable operation
    — Formulation helps keep metal parts clean and free of varnish and sludge deposits that could result in premature breakdown.
  • Fast service time
    — Orange color helps identify origin point of incidental leaks for easy detection and quick remedy.