Diesel Exhaust Fluid Drum/Pump Combo

Comes Assembled
Unload it, plug it in, pump your DEF — it’s that simple!

Combo System for
55 Gallon Drums

The DEF drum dispensing kit is the solution for all DEF drum applications. Its adjustable bracket allows for easy installation on most types of drums. 115-volt pump engineered specifically for dispensing Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) from a drum.


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  • Pump Assembly:
    • 9 GPM, 115 Volt pump
    • 19’ x 3/4” DEF dispensing hose
    • 2 DrumQuik RPV valves (2” NPS and 2” buttress)
    • 4’ x  3/4” DEF hose to connect the pump to valve
  • Drum
  • Drum mount to attach the pump to drum (easy to remove for refilling or transfer to another drum)
  • Automatic nozzle
  • 55 gallons of DEF