4 Benefits of Installing a Bulk Tank

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February 2, 2023 Sydney Casey

Have you been considering whether to install a bulk storage tank? You could save time, money, and effort by having a bulk tank on hand. This purchase involves more than simply the fuel tank – you’re investing to leverage greater control of your operations.

Bulk fuel tanks are large storage containers that can hold fuel for extended periods of time. Although a bulk tank is a large undertaking and comes with a range of important considerations, there are a good deal of advantages. Let’s take a closer look at the four benefits of installing a bulk fuel tank.

  1. Price – Buying fuel in bulk can often result in lower per-unit costs, as opposed to purchasing smaller quantities more frequently. Fleets can typically save 30-50 cents per gallon with a 15,000-gallon tank receiving full truckloads. Refueling at retail stations means that you’re subject to consumer price swings. Taking control of your fueling in-house can help you negotiate better deals with bulk pricing, which can’t be done at a gas station.
  1. Supply Security – A bulk tank ensures a steady supply of fuel, reducing the risk of running out of fuel during critical operations. You’ll have fuel on hand during emergencies when retail stations may be closed. You can also protect your fleet from fraud and theft associated with fuel purchased at retail stations. Bulk tanks offer greater visibility and better accountability.
  1. Convenience – Having a bulk fuel tank on-site eliminates the need for frequent trips to refuel, which can save time and increase productivity for your drivers. Successful businesses always prioritize their efforts on a more productive and profitable direction. Spare the time and hassle of going elsewhere for fuel and bring refueling to your home base. Drivers can fill up when they return to the lot instead of driving off-route during the day. Think about it – your fleet is wasting fuel just driving back and forth to retail stations when they could be focusing on the job at hand.
  1. Product Control – Do you know the quality of the product you are pumping in your fleets at retail stations? Do you know how often the tanks are cleaned or serviced? If you want to know the answer to those questions – bulk fuel storage may be the choice for you. Having a bulk tank installed lets you know exactly what is going in your fleet and what quality you are working with. Many bulk tanks are equipped with monitoring systems that can provide real-time data on fuel levels, and alert you when the fuel is running low, which can help you manage your fuel usage more efficiently. For fleets investing in sustainability, you can control whether you receive B5, B10, or B20 biodiesel blends. For those with fleets that need different grades of fuel for different purposes, this can be helpful for monitoring consumption levels and preventing waste.

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