Winter Roads and fuel treatment for cold weather

Thriving This Winter: Treatment Methods to Better Treat Modern Fuel

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Sell Full Article in PDF Introduction Fuel refiners are constantly working to improve methods in order to optimize output and improve profitability. Even though changes in refining methods and new sources of crude stock can be economically advantageous, they routinely require new characterization for cold weather operation, i.e., more extensive lab testing and treatment response.   Weather-related failures could often …

Propane Safety Tips for Winter

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COLD WEATHER AND SNOW IS HERE! Hirschman Oil & Propane knows that as temperatures continue to fall, it is important to know how to be prepared for the season. Knowing how to deal with harsh winter conditions and beat that winter storm is the key to keeping your family safe and warm this winter. Propane safety should be at the …

Winter Propane Tank Safety Precautions

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Snow! No matter if you enjoy it or not, it’s a fact of life for Michiganders. Snow can be dangerous for your propane tank if you don’t follow a few simple safety precautions. 1. Mark your tank with a brightly colored flag or other marker that can be seen after heavy snowfalls. If unmarked, your tank could be hit by …