Petro Depot

Located on M-81 in the middle of Reese, Hirschman`s Petro Depot offers you 24-hour access to gasoline and diesel products. Our pumps are operated by company issued cards, and each invoice details your purchases as to date, time, product and gallons. We welcome agricultural, commercial and personal accounts.
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REC-89 is an ethanol-free, 89 octane unleaded gasoline blend designed for use in recreational/marine engines.
Boat, snowmobile and small engines operators like this fuel due to its natural resistance to water.

The most critical problem with ethanol blended fuels is water contamination which results in fuel separation. Ethanol naturally tends to attract and absorb water.
When enough water is absorbed by the ethanol, it will separate from the gasoline settle to the bottom of the tank (referred to as phase separation).
Looking for a midgrade ETHANOL FREE fuel? REC 89 is your answer!

The fuel is tinted blue @ Hirschman’s for easy identification!

One of the great advantages of the unattended cardlock system is you can fuel 7 days per week – 24 hours per day. Whether your need for fuel is early morning, late at night or on weekends the facility is readily available. The site is properly lit up so you can feel safe and secure after dark.
Are you eligible to purchase your gasoline or diesel fuel tax free?
We sell, agricultural, government, schools, municipalities fuel tax exempt 24/7

We offer the following fuels:

“Off road” & “On road” Diesel & premium Diesel
“E-87 gasoline and 89 REC fuel”

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