Propane Temperature Control

Propane Volume and Temperature Correction

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The liquid propane volume in any LP Gas container is directly related to its temperature. In fact, the volume of any liquid in any container is directly related to its temperature. Propane volume rises as temperature rises and falls as temperature falls. Being temperature dependent, propane becomes more dense as temperature falls and expands as temperature increases. This is extremely …

Winter Propane Tank Safety Precautions

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Snow! No matter if you enjoy it or not, it’s a fact of life for Michiganders. Snow can be dangerous for your propane tank if you don’t follow a few simple safety precautions. 1. Mark your tank with a brightly colored flag or other marker that can be seen after heavy snowfalls. If unmarked, your tank could be hit by …

Build up in tank

What happens to diesel in cold weather?

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The question of what happens to diesel fuel in winter is very hard to answer consistently. There are so many variables and so many different chemicals, crudes, and finished fuels it is hard to predict exactly. One common trend is that the aromatics in fuel are lower and ULSD (ultra-low-sulfur diesel) has a harder time holding wax and others items …


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