Hirschman Oil & Propane is now Hirschman Oil Supply

I am writing to you today to let you know that effective June 17, 2019 the Propane division of Hirschman Oil & Propane has been sold. The Oil division of Hirschman Oil & Propane will continue to operate our diesel, gas and lubricants division from our new location at 2727 W. Vassar Rd (M-15). Please note, even though our office location will be changing, our Petro Depot location will remain open in Reese and will continue to be owned and operated by Hirschman Oil Supply.

We are excited to be transitioning our propane division over to Forward Energy from Standish; they will be taking over all propane operations as of June 17, 2019 and running their new Reese branch from our former 9773 Saginaw Street office. Two of our key employee’s - Bruce Best & Adam Paier will be making the transition from Hirschman Propane to Forward Energy and will continue to be instrumental in servicing your account. Rest assured we will be working closely with Forward Energy to ensure the transition will be smooth and seamless.

Forward Energy is operated by Forward Corporation, a fifth-generation, family owned business led by Its president, Abby Moniz. Forward’s core values parallel that of Hirschman’s: making sure their prices are competitive, their customer service is exceptional, and their customers are recognized as people not just account numbers. These principles have helped build Forward Energy’s reputation as one of the foremost propane suppliers in the Great Lakes Bay Region. You may also recognize the Forward name from one of their Forward Shell convenience store/gas stations located throughout the region.

Hirschman Oil Supply remains strong, and our same staff will continue to serve our customers by providing for all their diesel, gas, lubricant, and DEF needs throughout central Michigan. As we part ways with Hirschman Propane, Hirschman Oil is positioned to expand our petroleum offerings to include bulk lubricants and DEF. We also plan on expanding our marketing area as well and look forward to servicing you when it comes to bulk petroleum products.

Hirschman Oil will offer the same level of commitment, quality, and service as we have in the past. In the next few days you’ll be receiving correspondence from Abby and the Forward Energy Team with everything you’ll need to know about continuing your propane supply without any interruption, including a special discount promotion for their new Hirschman customers.

For questions regarding your propane needs call Forward Energy at their new Reese office--989.868.3448-- or call Hirschman Oil Supply.

Thank you for your business, and for the trust you’ve placed in Hirschman Propane throughout the years. It has been our pleasure keeping you warm.

Mark Hirschman, President

Hirschman Oil Supply

Who is Forward Energy?

Great question! "Like Hirschman, we’re a family-owned and operated propane company that serves over 5,000 customers in central and northern Michigan. We pride ourselves on keeping your family warm and safe and delivering world-class customer service."

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