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Forward Fuel Contracting

Forward Fuel Contracting is designed to relieve the worry that accompanies today’s volatile fuel prices. It gives you the assurance of knowing what your fuel costs will be for a certain period of time. Although the high-demand season for petroleum often brings higher prices, you have the opportunity to gain more control over your fuel costs with Forward Fuel Contracting.

The contract includes the type and quantity of fuel to be purchased, as well as fuel cost. A representative from our office provides you with current price quotes. When your target price is met, we will then fill the order for your guaranteed price.
Minimum order: 6,000 diesel or 7,000 gasoline.
Monthly contracts: Buy for a specific month and take delivery for that month.
Strip contracts: Buy and take delivery for a series of successive months example- February-August.
• Assurance that your fuel price is stable for a certain period of time.
• Ability to tailor contracts to your individual needs.
• Opportunity to take advantage of market declines while being protected on your maximum fuel price.
• Ability to budget fuel costs.
Forward Fuel Contracting is available to customers year round. Contracts can be established at any time throughout the calendar year for up to 12 months. You also have the convenience of choosing your fuel delivery method via transport or tankwagon deliveries.
Hirschman Oil Supply representatives are available to answer your questions about Forward Fuel Contracting. For more information, contact our office (989)868-9833 and get your forward fuel contract under way today.

Lubricant Products & Programs

Hirschman Oil Supply offers complete and diverse solutions for all petroleum requirements from high performance lubricants and fuel services, to technical support and specialized equipment needs. One source….One call… Simplicity!

Industrial Lubricants
Metalworking fluids
Rust preventatives
Cutting oils
Gear oils
Way oils
HyperCLEAN hydraulic oils
Turbine oils

Fleet Lubricants
Engine oils
Transmission fluids
Gear lubes
Hydraulic fluids

Equipment on Loan Program

Commercial Fuel Services
Whether you need a 500 gallon skid tank for a temporary job site or a 10,000 gallon tank permanently installed you can count on Hirschman Oil Supply to spec the right equipment when you need it. Contact us today to see if you qualify for Commercial Fuel Services.

• On-site fuel delivery: on demand or on a schedule, we’ll keep you operating without interruption.
• Temporary or permanent tank sets available upon request.
• We offer on-site fueling: from our trucks to your equipment
• We can deliver on a route, or when you call in–advise us on your preference.
• We offer tank monitors to keep track of your fuel levels.


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