Fuel Testing

Importance of Fuel Testing

Hirschman Oil Supply Safety

A strategic plan and proactive fuel testing are a great way to ensure our customers experience success even in the harshest of conditions.  Winter testing is essential to understand what types of fuels we are working with and how they are reacting to additives. Some fuels have higher cloud points, and all fuels react differently to additives.  Year-round testing allows …

Winter Roads and fuel treatment for cold weather

Thriving This Winter: Treatment Methods to Better Treat Modern Fuel

Hirschman Oil Supply Safety

Sell Full Article in PDF Introduction Fuel refiners are constantly working to improve methods in order to optimize output and improve profitability. Even though changes in refining methods and new sources of crude stock can be economically advantageous, they routinely require new characterization for cold weather operation, i.e., more extensive lab testing and treatment response.   Weather-related failures could often …